Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kosovo Again

The Kosovo situation is increasingly worrying, as are the pronouncements of our sixth form Foreign Minister Milliband Senior, who is now claiming that the Kosovan declaration of independence "does not set a precedent". True it doesn't set a precedent as such, it follows precedents set previously by numerous countries following the collapse of Yugoslavia and the USSR. It also follows a precedent, set by the UK government, whereby terrorists are allowed to join the government, remember Northern Ireland? Well the new leader of independent Kosovo has a very dubious Marxist-Leninist past.

He also claims that the move does not encourage independence organisations elsewhere in Europe, such as the Basques in Spain or Macedonians in Greece. Well of course it does Milliband you nitwit! You can just imagine a Basque seperatist sat nursing his Kalashnikov, in his Ernie Guevara style beret in the Pyrenees thinking Kosovo today, the Basque country tomorrow.

The whole aim of the European Union is to divide and rule. It wants nations to be split asunder, so that they can be lured into its sphere of influence and control as they are supposedly powerless and vulnerable left all alone , witness the ongoing break up of the UK.

Another equally worrying aspect of the Kosovo situation is the religious element, as posted yesterday, which is being ignored by the media. How long before Muslim seperatists declare independence elsewhere in Europe? Wonder if Mr Milliband would then regard Kosovo as a precedent?

And on the wider European level have Miliband and the others recognised the danger of a belligerant Serbian reaction, especially a Serbia backed by the Russian government?

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