Sunday, February 10, 2008

Divide and Rule

By and large if people are left to get on with their lives they pretty much get on with each other. But this doesn't suit the Labour Party who were initially set up to pitch worker against boss. They desperately need to make various groups feel threatened so that they can play the role of great protector and defender of their rights.

So it came as no surprise to read today that Harriet Harman is considering tearing up their own race relations legislation to encourage black only, or BMEs as they patronisingly refer to them, shortlists for successive parliamentary elections so that their numbers are increased at Westminster.

They did that for women and look at the results: Harman, Jacqui Smith, Caroline Flint etc., God help us all. I can imagine the harpies and prats like Gordon Brown sat around discussing why they are all hated so much. Then one of them has the bright idea that 'BMEs' are under represented in the current crop of MPs so decide to make sure more of them get elected so they can be hated too. And there is a bonus, that way they can stick them in front of the cameras and accuse any critics of being nasty racists. Or is that me being cynical?

Either way welcome to modern Britain, but don't expect too much if you happen to be white, male and middle class. And if you happen to be black prepare to be used, patronised and abused by those who would claim to be 'looking after your interests'.

When they have finally destroyed any semblance of national identity and social cohesion, they can start building the society they really want.


Mark Wadsworth said...

"They desperately need to make various groups feel threatened"

That is the very essence of an authoritarian government. I'm glad that there are other Ukippers like you who attack Nulab and not just the EU, AFAICS they are twin evils and as bad as each other.

Anonymous said...

I wrote many years ago to the then Home Sec,Jack Straw, about the introduction of quota's into the Police Force. I could see then that a time would arrive when the ethos of "the job going to the best person" would be replaced with the caveat " long as you are not white".
Even the Equal Opps Commission are happy to selectively apply their strap line "Equal but different". I wrote to them about the discriminatory practise of all women shortlists for the Labour party only to be told they were content with the situation.
It seems the very bodies established to fight discrimination are themselves the biggest discriminators. No wonder tolerance in the UK is dissappering fast.