Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boxing Day

Sadly Mrs B and I didn't have the chance to join the 300,000 other hunt supporters yesterday, which we usually do on Boxing Day. The reason being that while Parliament wasted hundreds of hours 3 years ago debating and passing the loathed Hunting Act, our glorious political class was allowing the NHS to fester in a mire of bureaucratic incompetence, inefficiency and infection.

Instead of joining the local hunt yesterday we had to drive to Manchester to spend the day with Mrs B's parents. Her mother was in hospital last November and, although not very frail, was so badly treated by the nurses that she lived in fear of them. When she had to use the loo but despite ringing the bell could get no assistance, she tried to get their on her own and fell. It took nearly a week for them to diagnose a broken hip, and then only after Mrs B and her sister mithered and mithered. She is now having to live in one room and can't walk without a zimmer. Going out she has to be put in a wheelchair. So rather than the hunt we took Mr and Mrs Ford off to a nice pub in Chesire for an enjoyable Boxing Day meal in front of a roaring log fire. All in all a great Christmas with my parents joining us for Christmas Day.

More of the last year in the coming days. For now I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a peaceful New Year. Off now to watch some football and spend the evening at Nutter's gourmet evening near Rochdale, a true treat for anybody who likes decent food. The diet starts on Jan 1st! Oh no, off to my sister's on Jan 2 when we ill no doubt enjoy more superb food and plentiful drink, so the diet starts Jan 4th.


Mark Wadsworth said...

It's interesting actually how the words 'supporters' and 'saboteurs' sound very similar, altho' they mean the opposite.

Steve Allison (UKIP Councillor) said...

Had me confused for a moment mate, thought the "Nutters" you referred to for New Year might be Paul Nuttal! However, after visiting the website I see its actually a swank restaurant, looks very nice.

I'll be in the Majorca Ex-Pat Club for my New Year Bash, lots of people complaining about bloody immigrants and the country going to the dogs, just like in Richardson and Westgarth's working mens club (It's Affiliated!) the slide of the pound against the Euro rarely gets top conversational billing (nor does the drop in House prices, after all the bloody Housing Associations own all the homes round here!).

Just in case this is the last post of 2008. Have a good new year and we will definitely get that pint sometime in 2009.

Gregg Beaman said...

Party Chairman is well named Steve!

Yes, Nutters is a once a year treat but bloody worth it. Enjoy the sun, I'm quite envious, and MUST have a pint in your CIU affilitaed club early in 2009.

Best wishes and hope you have a great New Year.