Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pope Benedict and Gender

Thank God for the Pope who actually has the courage of his convictions. Interesting that in this article the BBC, as ever, only give reaction from the Pope's detractors such as a man called Vladimir Luxuria who now claims to be a woman. Interestingly Vladimir is now a 'woman' but is probably as feminine as the woman in the states who became a 'man' and then became pregnant.

Somebody suggests in the article that being critical of the blurring of 'genders' encourages people to go out and bash gays or transexuals, if that was the case we would never be critical of anyone or anything. By criticising the Pope are these people encouraging attacks on Roman Catholics?

I think it's time we had a proper debate about the dangers of the feminisation of society, but I would never dream of attacking people because of their sexuality, ultimately it is their choice and their decision, but I don't have to approve of or endorse it.

What I take serious exception to is the present situation where everybody is to be tolerated, unless you happen to be a Christian, then you are up for being attacked and ridiculed. How many times do you see gay men in a march dressed as nuns? Do they not think their behaviour is offensive? There have been continuous attacks on Christianity and other religions in recent years, not least by gay groups, so don't squeal when religious leaders begin to reassert their beliefs.


Beaman said...

Hello Greg. Your blog post was just mentioned and shown on SkyNews in the UK, during a debate on the pope's comments. :)

The bit about toleration unless your Christian was particularly singled out. Anyway, good article and congratulations.

Lurch said...

I used to share a flat with a gay bloke.
It was fine though as he never shoved it down my throat.
Brrrrmmm tish.

Gregg Beaman said...

Thanks for lettigme know Beaman and good to hear from you. I know you hadn't been too well a few months ago and ope things have improved for you.

Dearie me Lurch. That's one up from the 'I'm not gay but my boyfriend is joke'.