Monday, December 08, 2008

Elf and Safety for Santa

The Nanny State doesn't even have a breather for Christmas with this news from the Sun via Ananova.

Once, when working from home, my employer informed me that I was going to be visited by a health and safety wallah to check my workstation conformed to requirements. My workstation was a desk, computer, chair and phone in the spare bedroom. They got short shrift as I refused to allow an unecessary bureaucrat into my home.

There flowed an exchange of emails the gist being, on my side, that if I couldn't set up a desk and chair properly I really shouldn't be in the job. They quoted pseudo-legal jargon to which I said that they could then get me a proper office outside my home, with all the associated costs, and they could inspect to their heart's content.

I ended up signing a disclaimer, stating that I wouldn't sue them if I crippled myself because my chair hadn't been checked by 'an expert'.

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