Saturday, December 13, 2008

Congestion? Use Vicks!

Congratulations to the commonsense people of the former Greater Manchester on telling the politicians to stick the congestion charge up their exhaust pipes. Is this the start of the fightback against the nanny state?

Strange but when the people are actually asked they tend to throw out the 'brilliant' ideas of the politicos. Remember the referendum in the North East nearly 5 years ago? Prescott wanted elected regional assemblies but the people shouted NO.

In Manchester and surrounding boroughs the vote was around 4:1 against. It's perhaps time that the politicians realised that we are their masters not the other way round.

Finally, if the charge had come in, and they may still sneak it in as the EU does when people vote against it's ideas, what would have happened if everybody used public transport and nobody paid the congestion charge? Just a thought.


Steve Allison (UKIP Councillor) said...

Unfortunately of course the North East Said NO but that hasn't stopped Regional Assemblies by the back door! What are they going to be called now? Grand Committees? or some such nonsense and filled by MP's on supplemented salaries, no doubt to make up for the fact that Westminster MP's don't actually have a job anymore!

Gregg Beaman said...

Same principle as EU referenda and I have no doubt some form of charge will be introduced in the next few years in Manchester.