Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Immigration And Training

The Institute for Public Policy Research, that 'progressive' think tank, is yet again singing the virtues of mass immigration and decrying opponents as xenphobes. You really know the lefties have lost the argument when they can't talk rationally about immigration without throwing abuse like xenophobe or racist at people who diagree with them.

In this article by the IPPRs resident immigration/race obsessive Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah he is so fanatical in his obsession with immigration that even Frank Field and Tory porker Nicholas Soames are attacked for questioning the wisdom of unlimited immigration. They are hardly Hitler and Goebbels now are they?

Also in the news today the IPPR are claiming that at least 40,000 new immigrants per year are going to be needed if things such as the Olympic facilities for 2012 are going to be completed on time. What utter bollocks when we have unemployment soaring upwards. Why don't we train properly the people here now to fill any gaps in certain trades but, more importantly, why is the 'progressive' IPPR talking in this way when hundreds, if not thousands, are being laid off every week in the construction industry?

When the left rattle on about us needing immigration to fill the skills gap I agree, as long as every existing citizen who could fill the gap is doing. When the left talk about needing migration to pay pensions because of an ageing population I wonder where they find young migrants who don't age. When the left argue that we need migrants to pay forthe NHS (and I don't see 40,000 per year making a huge contribution) I wonder where they find migrants who will never use the resources of the NHS themselves, merely contribute. Finally, I have yet to find a serious academic study, other than one to justify a 'progressive' political agenda, that shows immigration making a net contribution to the host country's economy.

As long as the self-proclaimed 'progressives' continue spouting this nonsense there will be a reaction to it leading to an unfortunate growth in support for the far-right. It is the 'progressive' left's obsession with race and immigration that sees the far-right making advances, without them the far-right would be starved of publicity and irresponsible talk of unlimited mass migration worries people of all races who live in this country, sometimes driving decent non-racists misguidedly into the arms of the far-right.

Personally I support an open door policy on immigration. But if migrants can't legally make their way in this country, they receive absolutely no state benefits whatsoever and, if they try to make their way illegaly, they are immediately deported.

One last thing on the question of training to fill skills gaps. The government is now urging universities to help middle-class people who have lost their jobs, by encouraging them to complete masters degrees for example. Well forgive me but why not re-train them to be brickies, sparks and carpenters? And the City whizz kids who got us into this mess? Well they could re-train to become lavatory attendants, especialy in Salvation Army hostels.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

IPPR is like CiF for masochists.

Agreed with all that, anyway.