Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Backwards Into The Future

I'm scared, and so should you be. It seems the Fabian Society has a booming membership.

Fabian national membership now stands at a 35 year high: it is over 20% higher than when Labour came to office in May 1997. It is now double what it was when Clement Attlee left office in 1951.

People seem to have learned nothing from the disasters of the seventies, and earlier, and are looking backwards for the same disastrous attempted solutions that Labour/socialists have tried in the past. If you want nightmares tonight peruse their website, which includes Mandy's views on tax hikes:

Pushing up tax rates for high earners is not a “litmus test of social justice”, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson told the Fabian New Year Conference. Instead, tax policy should be guided by the economic circumstances and national needs in play at different times, he argued – with the new 45p top rate necessary for everyone to pay their “fair share of the burden”

Stock up on the basics. Strikes, power cuts and food shortages on the way.

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