Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama's Lingo

It seems there's a bit of a fuss across the pond about the audio version of Obama's autobiography. He uses naughty words like 'sh*t' with an 'i' and 'mother f*cker' with a 'u'. Aparently words that a president should not use. Well I think it is blindingly obvious that presidents have sworn, and probably will again, they are supposed to be human after all.

So,if you want to hear the offending words, being read by an actor I presume, then visit April Winchell's website and her entry for February 5th.

There's also an excellent shot of a delightful French lady baring her breasts to Mickey Rourke. It's just a shame they weren't explosive, she could have also rid the world of the Fenian bastard!

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