Monday, February 09, 2009

Idiotic Electorate

Every now and then, when we get all proud and emotional about our glorious democracy, or decide to bomb the crap out of another country to make them 'democratic', but it's a good idea to stand back and observe. The following are letters to Teletext from British voters:

Not politically correct, but stupid

"Political Correctness" was a term of abuse used by acolytes of the first Bush administration, to denigrate those concerned about its policies on minorities and the disadvantaged.

Nowadays those with too much time on their hands who go round banning and renaming everything, in case it causes imaginary offence to some undefined minority or person, are not being politically correct, just plain stupid.
D U, Manchester

Privatisation is not the way

David Cameron has said his party intends to get more private companies involved in state education with charities and entrepreneurs to run things. In other words, privatisation.

Gas, water, electric, public transport and the NHS all suffered when put into the hands of private companies by Thatcher and Major. And we all know how efficient they are?
G R, Kelvedon, Essex

So, Mrs T still being blamed for all the ills of the world 19 years after being ousted, it seems that she also privatised the NHS!

But at least now she is being joined by President Bush. No not that one, his dad!

You see the problem with democracy is the damn stupid electorate.

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