Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The North Is The Best-Official

When it comes to fish and chip shops the best in the country are in the North, and for my money the North West! If you don't believe me read this.

For me the big problem is that chippies 'darn sarf' don't sell the following:

Steak puddings
Mushy peas
Cheese and onion pies

That should disqualify them from using the name 'chippy'. How can you have pie/pudding and chips without the piping hot comforting moisture of rich dark gravy? What's fish and chips without the luminous green blob of a portion of mushy peas? I've never seen scratchings in chippies 'darn sarf' either.

The picture shows my favourite compromise chippy meal. Can't decide between pudding and fish? Have both, with mushy peas and gravy. Oops, don't forget the four slices of Warburton's thick sliced bread dripping in real butter for chip butties, and a glass of Vimto!

And our local chippy is in that Irish gastronome's guide, you know, Egon Rooney.


Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

You haven't been to a Black Country night out with faggots and peas and a pint of Ma Pardoe's best brewed on the premises.

you will need a translator for the black country dialect if you ever venture into this part of the Midlands.

Gregg said...

Mrs B and I await our invitation Derek!

I'm always up for trying good local delicacies and even admit to enjoying the saveloy in London chippies.

J said...

Mushy peas.. hmmmm... I think I can still get that at one of our local chippies. But gravy is a no-no now.

Gregg said...

Mushy peas and mother's milk-no difference!