Friday, February 27, 2009

Workplace Bullies!

Here is the report of a sixteen year old girl being sacked for saying on Facebook that her job was "boring". She didn't use the company name.

The boss of the company, Steve Ivell, said:

"Ivell Marketing is a small, close-knit family company and it is very important that all the staff work together in harmony.

"Had Miss Swann put up a poster on the staff notice board making the same comments and invited other staff to read it there would have been the same result."

Actually Steve, it is nothing like that you hyper-sensitive prat, not to mention bully. I only wish Ivell's outfit were clients of mine. I would take great pleasure in sacking them off pronto!


Lurch said...

Dunno mate. As an employer, I'd rather that whinging arsewipes found alternative employment than stay and poison the work atmosphere with their bitching.

Gregg said...

Yes but, there are boring jobs in every company. I work for myself and I have lots of work that is boring. Big deal! Don't sack me for telling the truth.

Citizen Stuart said...

What she says outside work is her own business, especially as she didn't name the company. I notice she was grassed up by one or more of her colleagues (probably anonymously) - a common occurrence in my experience. And so what if she found the work boring? Most jobs are. I remember mentioning this fact to my line manager in my current job the other day - she still seemed to want me back on Monday.