Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fair Trade?

Nice work, if you can get it! Wonder how many bananas a poor Latin American farmer has to produce to finance this particular gravy train!

Deputy Executive Director
The Fairtrade Foundation

Salary: £57,000 - £65,000

The Deputy Executive Director role exists to strengthen the capacity of the Senior Management Team, and is the linchpin role between the Executive Director (ED) and Departmental Directors. The Foundation is driving forward ambitious plans for delivery of our core mission by increasing the impact of The Fairtrade Foundation in line with the vision contained in the strategic plan to 2012 and needs a talented Deputy Executive Director to be accountable for turning the plans into reality.

With previous experience of operating at a senior management level within an organisation of either comparable scale or complexity, we are looking for someone to undertake the strategic management of the core teams of the Fairtrade Foundation on behalf of the Executive Director, ensuring appropriate internal systems are put in place across the organisation and supporting the Heads of Departments to enable them to deliver on their individual programmes and having accountability for ensuring delivery against organisational KPIs.

A lateral-thinking problem solver, you will seize opportunities for improvement and drive initiatives through to operational excellence. You will have substantial experience at a senior level gained in either the not-for-profit or commercial sector; including leading change management and business improvement initiatives. You will use your proven leadership skills and collaborative style to inspire the cohesion of multi-disciplined teams to take the Fairtrade Foundation on to the next level.

This is a really exciting time to become part of one of the fastest growing social enterprises in the UK enabling increasing numbers of producers to build sustainable businesses in the developing world. If you’re used to working creatively and want to be part of our exciting rapidly expanding world then this could be the job for you.


troutbirder said...

When I come across libertarian paranoia I usually move quickly on... in this case not. When I read your comments about your sisters teaching staff meeting I began thinking I know all about these time wasting drivel meeting. You know, I think you might be on the right track about some of this stuff.

Gregg said...

Thanks for that. I do try and be as objective as possible, rather than being purely doctrinaire.

LibertyMine said...

Yet another example of a pointless public sector job. Reading the Guardian jobs pages is a real nightmare world of waste and bureaucracy gone mad.

I will again defend individual public sector employees on a person by person basis, but the whole "civil service" and public sector is riddled with incredibly ridiculous jobs, generous packages and expensive pensions.

The Freedom of Information Act, Human Rights Act and over-zealous applications of the Data Protection Act (and subsequent incomprehendable mistakes) are examples of further burdens to any realistic reform of the public sector.

The trouble is, this is a perfect example of a Nanny State. This Government as with all good socialist administrations wants to control the lives of its people by whatever mechanisms at its deposal. Legislation and the subsequent administration required are the tools that this Government uses to fill the state sector with more and more pointless jobs.