Monday, November 30, 2009

Libertarian Party

It's been a busy weekend but very satisfying. Yesterday was an old fashioned Sunday visiting family during the day then watching ice hockey in the evening, Manchester Phoenix beating Basingstoke 6-4.

Saturday was the Libertarian Party conference in Bristol. It was a really good, constructive day that saw Chris Mounsey of Devil's Kitchen being elected Party Leader and I was elected Party Chairman. Cllr Gavin Webb became Director of Communications.

We didn't exactly then head back to our constituencies to prepare for power, but we are certainly going to work hard to put libertarianism well and truly on the political map, building on the excellent done by those, such as Andrew Withers and others, who have built the Party from scratch in the last couple of years.

Oh yes, the hefty book ends on the top table are yours truly (left) and Andrew Withers, who stepped down as Chairman to become Deputy Leader and Treasurer. Chris is speaking and the fourth chap is Tim Carpenter, Director of Policy Development.

Now the work begins.


Guthrum said...

hefty ?

I prefer the term slim challenged

Gregg's Blog said...

I could have said cuddly but.....

For some reason that reminds of the politically correct pantomime: Precipitation of Indeterminate Colour and the Seven Persons of Diminutive Stature.