Saturday, November 07, 2009

Miss England

How apt that Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge (left) should become the new Miss England. When she proclaims "I want to see peace in the world" for the first time it will be said by someone with conviction, how refreshing.

I always thought the British Army could give the Israelis (above) a run for their money in the beauty stakes!

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Greg L-W. said...


more corporal than most other Lance Corporals!

A very slim version of an all round fine example of all our patriotic aspirations.

I was pleased to see how very uncomfortable she looked modelling swim wear - a pleasant change in an era where laddish drunken flaunting of cellulite seems all too common!

The Adjutant General's Corps will I am sure makeup for this model soldier from their ranks at Frimley Hospital ;-) now she is back from Basra!

Greg L-W.