Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Political Correctness-The Awful Truth

As Lord Pearson is pilloried for his recent remarks, which I consider clumsy and simplistic but certainly not 'racist', I came across the following website:

Political Correctness-The Awful Truth

I haven't read every single word on the website but, as an antidote to the PC fascists, it seems to do a job. One of the most powerful points being how the word 'racism' is now used totally out of context to oppress peoples' views on, for example, large scale immigration. Of course it is now accompanied by its close friend 'islamophobia'.

It does make interesting reading and I shall have a further look into it later today.

Of course there is also the Campaign Against Political Correctness, but they've always struck me as being fuddy-duddy old Tory types.

Interestingly I've just received a leaflet from a theatre in Manchester where they will be doing a stage version of George Orwell's '1984' next year. How apt.

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