Sunday, November 01, 2009

Tom Wise, Former UKIP MEP To Go On Trial

Former UKIP MEP Tom Wise, and his researcher, are to stand trial on Monday for allegedly fiddling taxpayers' cash.

Tom Wise, 61,and Lindsay Jenkins, 62, deny false accounting and using criminal property.They will face trial at London's Southwark Crown Court.

Wise was never disciplined by UKIP and there are rumours that he will make some serious allegations about certain current UKIP MEPs and their 'sharp practices' during his trial, we shall see.

I always thought Wise was a clown and an idiot, and I take no pleasure in being proved correct.

This article gives you an idea how stupid Wise actually is.

As does this article.

I have no doubt that Junius on UKIP will be covering the trial.


MikeP said...

This sort of things really makes me raging.

I'm largely pro-EU, but you can't fail to understand why parties like UKIP and, dare I say it, the BNP have flourished in the European Parliament when you get this sort of thing going on.

The arrogance of our Westminster politicians and the politicians in Brussels/Strasbourg is astonishing. If they are serious about 'the European Project' and they genuinely want it to work and turn Euro-sceptics into Euro-supporters, then they have to sort out their dirty laundry.

1. Make expenses fully accountable.2. Allow expenses to be properly audited.
3. Allow an independant body to set the expenses.
4. Decide whether to have the home of the EU in Brussels or Strasbourg, not both. I'm tired of being ruled by French egotism.

I could go on and on but I'd get too pissed off and I'm in work on a break at the moment so I need to be calming down, not getting wound up!

The EU, IMHO, looks great on paper, but there's a helluva long way to go before people will fully embrace it, particularly in the UK.

Rant over.

Gregg's Blog said...

I agree with the thrust, certainly the need for transparency and honesty. However, I don't feel that the EU could ever work and is an unnecessary, undemocratic monster.

I feel that the press/establishment took it easy on UKIP in June so as not to push protest voters into the arms of the BNP, UKIP's financial track record leaves a lot to be desired but was never highlighted.

As for both parties' success in June two words come to mind, 'proportional representation'. BNP got a mere 6% for their two seats, UKIP got 16% for their 13 seats. A price worth paying for more representative democracy?

Greg L-W. said...


I rather hope that even at this late stage Tom Wise has sufficiently informed Barristers to ensure they plead Guilty.

The evidence is beyond doubt as alleged in the Crown's case.

If Wise & Jenkins are foolish enough to accept advice to plead innocent taking on the Crown with no more than hope and the unsound clamourings of mittigation or ignorance they stand every chance of custodial sentences.

They can learn from EUkip who have managed to talk up an ajustable if foolish error at no cost or risk through various Court cases antagonising the Courts and various layers of Civil Servants converting an opportunity to a Guilty verdict and a debt of £3/4Million SO FAR.

Pleading Guilty will reduce the legal costs avoid the risk of new damaging evidence being exposed from the witnesses:
Jeffrey Titford
Geoffrey Kingscott
Ian Gilman
Nigel Farage
Daniel Foggo
who are the most likely witnesses to be called.

A Guilty plea could well lead to great leniency from the Court in the form of no Custodial sentence an undertaking to further aid the police relative to other EU fiddles based upon their own immunity and a 2 year suspended sentence.

I appreciate that little purpose will be served by encaceration of these 2 miscreants in view of their ages and the amount of evidence they have been able to provide regarding other MEPs and Pan EU Groups like The IDG.

Time will tell!

Greg L-W.

Gregg's Blog said...

I fear Greg, that Wise, (was ever a person so wrongly named?) is stupid enough to try and brazen it out.

I remember thinking, back in June 2004, what a disastrous MEP he would make. Admittedly I was thinking of him more as a buffoon than all this stupidity.

Greg L-W. said...


I remember the night of the election when I told Nigel Farage Tom had been elected and said what the hell can you do with him he is as thick as a brick and Nigel just laughed and said 'we'll just send him out for lunch for 5 years'!

Tom may well brazen it out but he has already supplied lengthy dossiers of info on the other MEPs whom he considers set him up to hide their own frauds and fiddles.

Nigel could never dump Wise as he had already let Wise pay a £5K debt of his using some of the stolen money.

Asked in a meeting by the chairman at one time 'how the hell did you get that name?' his reply was 'Oh it was my Father's name'!

Looking at his CV you will find that he and Farage have much in common in that it seems neither of them completed their education!

Greg L-W.