Tuesday, November 24, 2009

British Police State

Professor Jonathan Montgomery can expect to be sacked soon from his post with an 'independent government advisery commission' for this report. People are being arrested for little or nothing in order for the authorities to get their/our details on the national database. As Professor Nutt discovered, the government don't like honesty and truth.

Meantime the official whitewash into the illegal war against Iraq begins. In case you were thinking it was going to be an open, democratic and searching enquiry the following quote might put you straight:

“Should a witness feel unable to answer questions due to a genuine fear of self-incrimination of a criminal offence, it would be open to the Inquiry Committee to consider whether, in order to secure the greatest possible openness and co-operation, it would be appropriate to seek an undertaking from the Law Officers that evidence provided to the inquiry will not be used in criminal proceedings against them.”

Full report from the Telegraph here.

Funny how Sadam Hussein wasn't offered immunity, or Radovan Karadzic, or John Demjanjuk, et al.

Oh yes, I forgot, Blair and co carried out their war crimes in the name of democracy. That's alright then!

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