Friday, November 13, 2009

Glasgow By-Election

I've just seen the news about the Glasgow by-election, and it doesn't make encouraging reading. A turnout of around 32% is disastrous and makes me worry for the future of our democracy, or more to the point, wonder if the populace of the UK care about our democracy.

At a time when there are illegal wars to protest about, a recession to protest about and record youth unemployment, the people of Glasgow still voted for the party that has been wrecking Britain since 1997. We are living in an ever more invasive and oppressive police state, but still the people of Glasgow voted for the pig in a red rosette.

Furthermore the BNP gained over 4%, only just failing to save their deposit. Previously the BNP have been dismissed in Scotland as a fringe English party, not any more, they gave the Tories in Glasgow a good run for their money. But what it does show is that the BNP's brand of socialism, with a heavy spoonful of racism, is much more a threat to Labour than the Tories.

I have felt for a long time that the general election is not as cut and dry as people think, it is not a foregone conclusion that Dave will win with a landslide. If I were a Labour MP with a small majority in a constituency such as Morecambe and Lunesdale, my constituency, I would be very worried. My guess is that the Tories will reclaim the seat because of the number of Labour supporters who will defect to the BNP. UKIP are hardly likely to dent the Tory vote enough to do real damage so hey presto, the BNP let the Tories in.

I think that scenario will occur up and down Britain but will only produce a small Tory majority. However, it will be a Tory majority and Dave will have Nick Griffin and the BNP to thank for getting him into Downing Street.

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