Friday, March 19, 2010

BBC Question Time RIP

I watched Question Time last night and it was total crap. The highlight for me was the admission by Caroline Lucas MEP that the Green Party was indeed a socialist party, something most people with a brain knew from the days of the old Ecology Party.

So at least pissed off Labour voters can turn to the Greens or the socialist British National Party. After all, most old working class Labour supporters a few years back were pretty racist in outlook hence the BNP success in Old Labour areas. So I suspect middle class sandal wearing lefties will go Green, horny handed sons of toil will go fascist.

The pissed off right wing Tories will remain with UKIP whereas those not obsessed with the EU, but pissed off with devolution and the mithering Scots, will turn to the English Democrats. So back to Question Time.

Beckett and Lansley last night talked complete bollocks when they weren't just rambling along aimlessly trying not to actually say anything at all. It's interesting that the country is financially going down the pan, we are becoming a more oppressive police state as every day passes and there is a general election next month but none of the big three parties have got anything worth saying.

QT used to be a lively political debating show, not now. It is just a vehicle for the vile, patronising Dimbleby to preen and pose on. The politicians have been emasculated by their leaderships and the odd person of sound outlook, last night the historian David Starkey, always seems to come over as eccentric at best, at worst downright insane.

Then last night the build up was not that the show was coming from Manchester, oh no. The build up last night was that the show was coming from Wythenshawe. If you don't know Wythenshawe it is, or at least used to be, the biggest council estate in Europe and its immediate neighbour is Manchester Airport. I suppose those middle class patronising BBC types thought that announcing Wythenshawe as the venue would give them street cred, but it didn't.

The reason last night's QT had no credibility was that I didn't hear a single Mancunian accent in the audience, let alone a Wythenshawe accent. If you wonder what a Wythenshawe accent sounds like imagine somebody who makes the Gallagher brothers sound posh. The BBC cocked up yet again and proved that the QT audience is not representative of the area in which it takes place. If it had done last night I suspect that Beckett and Lansley would now be in mixed sex wards in Wythenshawe Hospital, while Charles Kennedy would be just coming round after an almighty session in the Red Beret on cheap lager after being relieved of his wallet, watch and any other valuables.

Just to show what bollocks you find on Wikipedia I want to digress briefly and mention the following bit about Wythenshawe from Wikipedia:

Wythenshawe is the outdoor filming location for the Channel 4 series Shameless, which shows various shots of the local tower-blocks, housing estates and other architecture unique to this area. Wythenshawe also housed the outdoor sets for the show, which were built on private property. Production moved from Miles Platting and Ancoats (in East Manchester) in early 2007, following disruption to filming caused by local youths.

That's bollocks. Shameless was filmed in West Gorton, Manchester 12. Yes they did move to Wythenshawe because the crew and cast kept getting attacked by local yobs. They now film on an enclosed, fortress like set in on a Wythenshawe industrial estate where a replica set of West Gorton has been built. It was not filmed in Miles Platting or Ancoats but yes, I believe the cast and crew were also attacked when they used to film on the streets of Wythenshawe too. The tower blocks curently seen on the show are still the West Gorton tower blocks from the original. Sorry but that is a hobby of mine and I know both Wythenshawe and West Gorton particularly well as I was born in West Gorton and the missus was born in Wythenshawe.

But I suppose that QT, which is what I really should be rambling on about, indeed the BBC as an institution, mirrors the country at the moment. Used to be great, is now run by shallow, money crazed imbeciles who use political correctness to stifle real debate, and impose the tactics of totalitarianism to save us from terrorism, which means in their patronising fascistic minds, actually saving us from ourselves.

RIP Question Time.


Anonymous said...

I was in the audience last night and I find your observations pathetic to say the least. Were you saying the same about it being crap when Griffin was on recently? one mellow show does not mean the whole programme is balls.

Man up you wierdo.

Gregg Beaman said...

"Man up you weirdo?" Could you translate please.

And yes, I was saying it was crap when Griffin was on. Mellow? It was shit!

Just out of interest do you live in Wythenshawe and what do you do for a living? Obviously not an English teacher.

Clive said...

Spot on post about Question Time and doesn't the useless comment from Anonymous perfecly prove your point?

Bet the clown has been Googling Question Time all morning for the chance to go "ooooh, I was on it last night, aren't I cool and trendy".

Gregg Beaman said...

Ta Clive

Bet the vacuous prat thought "man up you weirdo" gave him/her some street cred. Sorry, failed.

And I really don't get the reference to the one eyed black shirt.

But eh, if that's the IQ of the average QT audience member then I'm glad it is dying a death.

mugwit said...

No no no! 'Man up you weirdo' is ahrmeric, a language taught by visitors to our planet. It is actually 'Ma nupy ouwe irdo' this is obviously the idiomatic version of the ancient west Gorton battle cry " Ma, nappy overflow alarm, Hairdo affected!".

Gregg said...

Bloody hell, West Gorton. I was in Abbey Hey today, parents have moved up in the world since I was a nipper.