Monday, March 15, 2010

General Election Nutjob Alert-Egality!

As the general election creeps closer more nutters and psychos are crawling out from under their stones. The one I heard about on the radio today is a bunch of deluded misfits called Egality. Here is what they say about their latest loonytunes idea:

"Empowering people in the UK and abroad to directly challenge our unequal world, here and now, by sharing one of our most valuable political rights – the right to vote".

They think that global warming affecting Bangladesh, farmers being shafted in Ghana and the war in Afghanistan are so important that people in those countries should have a vote in our general election. They want you and me to register, and to vote on May 6th, the way some similar lunatic nutjob in one of those countries asks us to.

So stuff voting on ID cards and the police state, schools and education, hospitals and the NHS and so on. No, they want a pissed off farmer in Ghana to vote for you thus practising his new found 'right to vote' by depriving you of yours. I suspect the people at Egality just don't understand democracy.

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