Saturday, March 20, 2010

Edinburgh University's Racist Policy!

It seems that Edinburgh University has kicked off a bit of a kerfuffle by deciding to give priority on popular courses to applicants from Scotland and the North of England. Interestingly they do not class Lancashire as the North of England so bang goes my dream of studying there. Bastards!!

Of course there are the usual cries of racism, especially from people in the South of England, not those in Lancashire I might add, but people in Brighton have been quoted as being angry. I wonder if a black person from Durham would get in? I wonder if they are accepting overseas students on courses.

What the decision of Edinburgh shows, rather than racism, is the nasty small minded bigotry that is prevalent in Scotland with the growth in recent years of the SNP. I know many Scots who are not as I have described, so I am not claiming Scots people per se to be small minded bigots but that mindset does seem to be inculcating Scottish culture and it is very sad.

On a visit to Scotland last year I was warned to be careful because I had a Cross of St George sticker on my back bumper. I have never been aware of any threat to Scottish people displaying the Saltyre from people in England and here in North Lancashire we get plenty of overty patriotic Scots visiting us, many displaying stridently nationalistic messages on their vehicles.

What Edinburgh University's policy highlights is the slow breaking up of the United Kingdom, and we might as well get used to it. The break up is largely down to the EU providing an alternative source of subsidy because, without the cash the subsidy junkies north of the border get showered on them, they would be a little more coy about independence.

Tony Blair's shambolic devolution mess has also encouraged the Scots and, let's face it, when you look at Westminster, getting rid of that lot is very appealing even if it means declaring independence.

I don't care if Edinburgh wants to look like a small minded, second rate parochial polytechnic, or if the Scots want to break away and suck on the teat of the EU for years to come. Just get on with it and bugger off and let us English get on with our lives.

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Anonymous said...

your a fag.

Gregg said...

I take it from your considered analysis and cogent rebuttal that you were educated in Scotland.

By the way it's 'you're a fag'. Try a course in basic English grammar.