Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mithering Bastards!

I'm just about sick of bastards who want to dictate to other people how they should live their lives. Just get off our backs you interfering bastards.

Following is a letter in today's Times from a group of do gooding ponces from assorted medico-fascist bodies:

Sir, A new report launched today by the Royal College of Physicians, Passive Smoking and Children, confirms that passive smoking is a leading cause of death and disease in children. About two million children are currently exposed to cigarette smoke at home, and many more outside the home. In addition to the serious health risks of passive smoking, however, the report also points out the additional health risk to children posed by family smoking, which makes children about twice as likely to become smokers themselves.

These health hazards to children can be avoided entirely by acting to reduce the number of adults who smoke, particularly parents and care-givers, and to reduce still further the exposure of children to smoke and smoking, both in and outside the home. This will require a comprehensive strategy including tobacco price rises, mass media campaigns, more effective health warnings, prohibition of point of sale display, generic packaging and better provision of smoking cessation services.

Smoke-free legislation also needs to be extended much more widely, to include public places visited by children and young people, and including prohibition of all smoking in cars and other vehicles. The Chief Medical Officer, in his foreword to the report, says that we must keep up the momentum to continue to reduce the harm of tobacco use in our communities, and create a truly smoke-free future. As doctors, we agree, and call on governments to take the necessary actions to protect our children’s future.

Professor Ian Gilmore
President, Royal College of Physicians of London

Professor Andy Adam
President, Royal College of Radiologists

Professor Steve Field
President, Royal College of General Practitioners

Professor Alan Maryon Davis
President, UK Faculty of Public Health

Dr Peter Nightingale
President, Royal College of Anaesthetists

Professor Arulkumaran Sabaratnam
President, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Professor Terence Stephenson
President, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Mr Ian W. R. Anderson
President, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Professor Dinesh Bhugra
President, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Dr John Donohoe
President, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Dr Neil Dewhurst
President, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Professor Sir Neil Douglas
Chairman, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

Professor Peter Furness
President, Royal College of Pathologists

Mr John Heyworth
President, the College of Emergency Medicine

Professor Frank B. V. Keane
President, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Mr John Lee
President, Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Professor Adrian Newland
Deputy Chair, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

Dr Richard Tiner
President, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Professor David Tolley
President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (signing in a personal capacity)

Professor Derrick Willmot
Dean, Faculty of Dental Surgery

Tell you what you lot, concentrate on your own children and leave others to bring up theirs. I'm pretty sure it's more dangerous to send your children to Afghanistan and Iraq than to have the odd fag in your own living room or car.

I can see the day coming when the only freedom we will have left is to take these types of people out into the streets and string them up from a lamp post, along with the vile selk-serving greedy vermin in parliament, and to start again.

If this so-called 'democratic' government can use force to impose their idea of democracy on Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, we have the right to use force to reclaim our lost rights and liberties.


Steve Allison said...

I have wondered about the current screams to ban the perfectly legal "plant food" after it was linked to 2 deaths! If this is a case for a change in the law (and criminalising 1,000s of gardeners who will need to get their plant food of choice from an illegal dealer) then surely the 1,000s of deaths associated with smoking must make tobacco a candidate for Class B Controlled Substance Status?

Peter Metcalfe said...

Strange how Asthma and bacterial meningitis were virtually unknown pre-1960 when most people smoked in any area they wanted to. It really is all bullshit.
As you say, if they can murder anyone under the guise of imposing dmeocracy, then perhaps it really is time we imposed democracy on our rulers.

Gregg Beaman said...

It's about personal choice in the end Steve.

If, knowing the risks, I want to smoke tobacco, pot or anything else that is my decision.

There is no evidence that 'passive smoking' is harmful.