Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nikki Sinclaire and UKIP-yet again!

While I've been away on my retreat this week poor old Nikki Sinclaire has been further abused and mistreated by Farage and his henchmen. I would hope that UKIP's North West Chairman Phil Griffiths voted against her expulsion now he has sold his soul, sorry, joined the Party's NEC.

You see, Phil was the chap, as North West Chairman, who despised Paul Nuttall so deeply that he even refused to accept a drink from him at the hustings meetings for the NW EU elections list ballots in 2008. Imagine my shock when, in 2009, he was elected to the Party NEC, proposed by Paul Nuttall.

Furthermore, it was Phil Griffiths who, as Chairman of the North West Committee, urged me to stay within UKIP as lead candidate for the Euro elections, rather than walking as I did, but resign from the Party as soon as I was elected to sit as an independent. That was so fundamentally dishonest I was saddened that Phil could even suggest it. But that, sadly, is now par for the course in UKIP it seems. Or perhaps Phil did vote for it, in a rather confused state, believing he was doing what he suggested in 2007! Who knows?

So to Nikki. Following is her statement on the latest abuse of their powers by UKIP's NEC:

It is with great disappointment that I have today received a letter from the Party Secretary, Michael Zuckerman that removes me as a UKIP MEP. A decision that has lost UKIP it's status as the official opposition in the European Parliament and the UK's 2nd largest party.

There has been no disciplinary procedure and no right of reply. I find this course of action incredulous after 16 years of service. This decision has been made despite expression of absolue support for the Party and intention to continue as a UKIP MEP/Candidate. There was an agreed position between myself, Lord Pearson and fellow UKIP West MIdlands MEP, Mike Nattrass

With only eight weeks before a General Election I find it absolutely amazing that the Party decided to open a sore wound rather than fight the real enemy.

I reserve the right to defend my reputation, my political career and the aims of UKIP by all available means.


Following is the letter she received from the Party secretary:

Here is how The Times covered the story today.

I find it difficult to believe that the never ending crisis that is UKIP, was caused accidentally. I don't accept coincidences, especially in politics, but, 'coincidentally', there is always one man at the heart of every crisis that UKIP stumbles into. That man is Nigel Farage.

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