Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Broken Britain?

A young slapper called Ellie Gellard has been in the news this week, goes to show what a useless bunch of prats our politicians are if that pathetic little attention seeker gets national publicity. But for some bizarre reason Gordon Brown had her sat next to him at their manifesto launch, despite her calling for him to resign not too long ago. Maybe he was right not to listen to a 20 year old idiot who thinks Britain isn't 'broken'. But why have her sat up there on the podium? Because Gordon the Moron is desperate and wants to show how they all love him really, and he has united them.

In fact that summarises nicely British politics at the moment. What can you say when a nothing like Vince Cable is about to be sainted as some kind of financial and economic messiah? Maybe even Chancellor of the Exchequer if we have a hung parliament after May 6th? That really would be time to shift all your savings and other assets safely away to Zimbabwe for example!

Yesterday I was off the campaign trail on family business in East Manchester. In the area now called Eastlands, much to the annoyance of locals born and raised in Miles Platting and Bradford, the council estates built in the 1960s are being demolished. Those who bought under Right to Buy are now having their homes compulsorily purchased way below market value. Many of the deck access flats built in Hulme, Ardwick and Beswick in the 1960s have already long since been demolished. Communities were wrecked to make way for those developments, and now they are being split asunder yet again. And Labour talk of 'community'. They are the wreckers of communities.

A huge model comprehensive was built in Gorton in the 1960s. Now demolished and rebuilt. A Catholic secondary school was built in Gorton in the 1970s. Now demolished and rebuilt. A school for people with 'learning disabilities' was built in Gorton in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Now demolished but not rebuilt. A school built in the 1920s in Gorton, and extended only a few years ago, is about to be demolished and has been rebuilt a few hundred yards away. Another school built in Gorton in the 1970s has been demolished and not rebuilt.

One day we will find out financial the cost of all that nonsense. The social cost of our appalling governments, and I'm going back to before 1997, we can see all around us. The country is in such a mess that I find it increasingly difficult to regard myself as patriotic. It is not just the politicians to blame, the vast majority of the population have sat on their fat lazy arses, waddling away from Coronation Street only to pay homage at the new cathedrals to consumerism and greed such as the Trafford Centre, the Metro Centre or Meadowhall. Then back home to slump in front of their TVs with a bargain bucket of KFC to watch and learn from the Jeremy Kyle Show or Tricia Goddard. Meanwhile the country goes down the pan.

Yesterday I read about an 'ex-soldier' who got £100,000 compensation from the British Army because she couldn't get childcare, being a single mother, so went AWOL.

Then I read how to 'earn' £42,000 a year as a parasite sponging off the taxpayer. No, not by becoming an MP or an MEP, they get even more, this is the story of a family on Anglesey. The father realised he would be better off packing in work and sponging off us. So that's what he has been doing for years. They are now whining about needing a bigger house, paid for by the taxpayer, because the misfits are producing another little parasite to bleed off us.

Don't tell me that the Tories would do any better, they never have, although Margaret Thatcher did a great deal of what was needed, but not quite enough, from 1979 to 1990. Yes, you socialist misfits, she did leave Downing Street 20 years ago so stop obsessing about her. Bloody hell, in 1965 the country had long stopped blaming the Germans for everything and look at the mess they really did create 20 to 30 years earlier!

The Lib-Dems? Don't make me laugh, that shower are so firmly sat on the fence their arses are full of splinters.

UKIP? Do me a favour. Build more prisons is about all they can offer, apart from getting out of Europe. Tell you what, stop slamming people in clink for ridiculous offences and you might be surprised how many prison places you freed up. And don't tell us you are going to slash taxes and massively increase spending. We're not all stupid.

BNP? Let's be serious.

So that leaves the only socialist party fighting the election, the Green Party. I'd have more respect for them if they were honest about their extreme left-wing socialism, instead they disguise it behind claiming we are all about to drown under a melting ice cap if Caroline Lucas doesn't get elected in Brighton. Up against that wall you lot....

What a mess. And I haven't even started on Elizabeth Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha and her bunch of misfits. How apt that we have the matriarch of the most dysfunctional family in the world on the throne. Actually Ellie Gellard does have a look of Phil the Greek about her.


T Bishop Finger said...

I'm saving up to move to America, when, hopefully, Ron Paul becomes President;

if not, there must be few unihabited islands left out there?

Gregg Beaman said...

Starting afresh on a desert island is very appealing.

Peter Metcalfe said...

Until someone declares himself leader of the island..........

Gregg said...

Good point Peter. The island must be heavily defended. If Clegg's appearance last night sweeps the Lib-Dims to power we may be able to purchase some cheap secondhand Trident missiles!!