Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Putting UKIP In Perspective

UKIP just don't understand politics. They constantly whine about not getting a fair crack of the whip, then go out of their way to alienate the media and the public.

The disastrous Lord Pearson thinks that as leader, he should be on Thursday night's leadership debate with the old three party leaders. He really is certifiable and should be kept well clear of the public, let alone the media.

Last June Paul Nuttall, when elected MEP in the North West, flounced off the platform rather than share it with Nick Griffin of the BNP, who had also been democratically elected to the European Parliament.

Next Fred McGlade throws a tantrum and refuses to join a hustings meeting in Lancaster on behalf of UKIP because the BNP have not been invited.

Tonight, here in Birmingham, I have started watching the BBC regional election debate. Guess what? UKIP are boycotting because they are not being given 'equality' with the old three party representatives. They don't want to sit with the other parties who have no MPs so haven't bothered.

Last night we had a hustings meeting in Meriden constituency with over 200 attending. Where was the UKIP candidate? Nowhere to be seen, maybe washing his masturbation t-shirt, I don't know.

Maybe they are already preparing excuses for bombing yet again in UK elections. But when they blame the media look at their media stupidity.

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