Thursday, April 01, 2010

Scientists and a Good English Breakfast

One thing that really pees me off is scientists making announcements, about things we all knew anyway, as if they're announcing they've just split the atom or found a cure for the common cold. They're at it again, and I'll bet they are extremely well paid for this 'research'.

My mum always used to say that the way to eat healthily was to "breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord and supper like a pauper". A bit like needing a full tank in your car starting out on a long journey then as you approach your destination (or bedtime), you obviously need less fuel. Commonsense. But scientists in Alabama are making news all over the world announcing the bleeding obvious, yet again. Remember scientists? The ones who gave us nuclear bombs, God knows how many viruses from their cocked up experiments, thalidomide, warned us that by 1990 every family would have lost somebody to Aids, that by now the British population would be 29 and falling because of Swine Flu? Well, they've now decided a good breakfast is indeed good for you.

So all those who scamper through town centres in the morning pretending to be so busy they you only manage coffee in a paper cup for breakfast, wise up! You aren't that busy that you can't pop into the greasy spoon for a full English. It's probably only a quid more than a poncey coffee in Starbucks, and you'll be served just as quickly in my experience.

I thnk every penny these 'researchers' have made should go to my mum, they're frauds.

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