Friday, April 09, 2010

Nikki Sinclaire MEP-PPC for Meriden

While UKIP continue to self-destruct amid exposes of sordid film making by its Liverpool Branch chairman, one of its MEPs (Stewart Agnew) informing an undercover reporter that he and another MEP (David Campbell Bannerman) were making illegal payments to their Regional Organiser (Pete Reeve), the only MEP elected last year with any principle, Nikki Sinclaire, was unconstitutionally thrown out of the Party for sticking by her principles and leaving UKIP's far-right EFD Group in the EU Parliament.

However, Nikki has been making a huge impact in the West Midlands as an Independent MEP and has now become the first MEP to publish her fully audited accounts. At a public meeting on Wednesday night in Knowle, in the Meriden constituency, she spoke passionately about her beliefs and to enthusiastic applause announced her intention to fight the Meriden constituency on May 6th.

Following is Nikki's press release announcing her candidacy:

At a public meeting arranged by the Solihull & Meriden Residents Association (SAMRA) in Knowle, on Wednesday April 7th, Nikki Sinclaire MEP declared that she would stand for the Association in the forthcoming General Election against Caroline Spellman, one of a number of MPs hit by expenses scandals, in the Meriden constituency.

Having been elected to the European Parliament in June 2009, Solihull resident Nikki announced the surprise move, pledging her commitment to SAMRA’s ethos of restoring political power to local people.

An outspoken opponent of transfer of power from Britain to Brussels, Nikki has campaigned against sleaze and corruption. “I am the first British MEP to receive a satisfactory audit of my accounts” she said, “and if I am elected to Westminster I will lose my seat in Brussels, and take a £20,000 pay cut. I am not in this for the money; I am in it because I believe in honest and open government.”

SAMRA is campaigning on a number of local issues, including more efficient local governance, protection of the West Midlands Green belt, and is opposed to the further threatened cuts to local hospitals.

Speaking about the proposed high-speed rail link, Trevor Eames of the Solihull Ratepayers Association said “There are important consultations coming up, and for us to have an MP representing our interests rather than those of political parties will put us in a fantastic position. It is about time that local people had their say.”

In a radical move, the Resident’s Association will be fielding candidates in both the general and local elections on May 6.

Nikki is being extremely well received in Meriden and I would keep an eye out for that result on election night, it could be a good one.

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