Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gene Hunt or David Cameron?

Last week the Labour Party scored a spectacular own goal by trundling liar and war criminal Tony Blair out to campaign for them. Now they have scored another own goal by likening Dave Cameron to the ever popular Gene Hunt.

It seems that every day between now and May 6th our politicians will be out to prove how out of touch they are. If Cameron had half the charisma and bluntness of Gene Hunt the Tories would be way ahead in the polls. If Gene Hunt led either party I bet they would win.

Perhaps the Tories will retort with a poster asking if we want Labour to take us back to the 1970s, remember that decade? The decade of the first Gene Hunt series, Life on Mars? If you don't the 1970s were when Labour turned us into an economic basket case. The dead couldn't be buried because of strikes. We had the three day week, for the few workers that weren't on strike most of the decade. We had power cuts because we lacked the resources to light up the country after dark. Even the IMF told us to bugger off. We had the troubles in Ulster and rumours of a coup plot at one stage. Life on Mars was decidedly more appealing than life in the UK in the 1970s under Labour.

At least the 1980s, though tough, got us out of the shit Labour had got us in, a recovery so effective that Brown inherited a great financial legacy, which he promptly squandered. Sound familiar? The difference is the Tory Party today is no different to Labour and Cameron, just like Brown is a big, useless poofter, as Gene Hunt would say.

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