Friday, April 09, 2010

Frankie Boyle

The wonderful Frankie Boyle is under attack again by the angry brigade of Britain's new puritans.

If you don't know, Frankie Boyle's humour is extremely near the mark, often teetering on the brink of outright offensiveness. But he is hilarious. Now I've never yet bought tickets to a show I think I may not enjoy and anybody buying tickets to a Frankie Boyle show, then getting all offended and pious, should really keep quiet and slink away, you cocked it up, not him.

So, this week a woman with a Down's Syndrome child has hit the headlines for heckling him when his routine included jokes at the expense of people with Down's Syndrome. Most humour is at the expense of somebody else, especially Frankie Boyle's. I can't help wondering if this woman, who has hit the headlines, laughed at all his jokes at the expense of others. In which case she is as guilty as she claims he is. No, actually she's far worse, she's a hypocrite.

If any other sensitive souls with tickets for any of his shows would now prefer not to go, then I will happily buy your tickets as we couldn't get any, it's a sell out tour.

Just in case you don't get the point below is a clip of Frankie Boyle live-it contains a swear word or two!!

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