Monday, April 19, 2010

General Election-Campaigning with Nikki Sinclaire in Meriden

Blogging will be light for the next couple of weeks as I will be working hard with a great team on Nikki Sinclaire's campaign in Meriden. To give you a flavour here am I (the porky one) campaigning with Nikki, Josh and others in Solihull Town Centre on Saturday.

And Gary has discovered the best curry house in England to sustain us after a hard day's campaigning.


Peter Metcalfe said...

Excellent news Gregg.
Since you left u no where it has gone from bad to worse.
Keep up the good work and perhaps next time you will be campaigning up here.

Greg L-W. said...


so you were duped and then denigrate yourself!

A man of a certain stature with large lungs was required to blow up all those balloons!

Silly boy - did you think it was for your political acumen Nikki invited you!