Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hazel Blears-The Bitch is Back

Driving down to the Midlands this morning I thought I'd gone back in time, it was scary. Listening to the BBC the interviewer asked a question and I thought I heard Hazel Blears (left) respond. Surely not? But yes it was, gassing off as if she was a real person instead of the gobby, lying little freak she is.

Since she was exposed as a main player in the expenses scandal she has, sensibly, kept a low profile. But the bitch is back. This morning she was claiming that people on the doorsteps aren't bothered about the expenses scandal. I can just imagine a big hard Salford lad politely chatting to her then closing the door, when asked by his wife who it was he'll reply: "That cheeky little, thieving carrot topped bitch Blears. She thinks we'll actually vote for her the deluded bitch. She's gone off all smiling the cow!"

She further claimed that politicians have always been regarded as scum. Nobody has ever been regarded as lowly as this current batch you thick cow, and you're the lowest of the low.

If you're disillusioned with the three old parties then watch tonight's leaders' debate. And you'll really despair.

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