Friday, May 29, 2009

And Another One Bites The Dust

Piggy Boy Morley bites on the political phial. I love the word 'phial'. Perhaps the more scientific reader may wish to confirm whether or not it is ever used in a context other than cyanide and suicide. Looks like a piggy doesn't he?

Bill's Cashing in too. Geddit?

Former environment minister Elliot Morley is expected to become the 13th MP to step down in the wake of expenses revelations.

Mr Morley, who claimed £16,000 over 18 months for a mortgage that did not exist, has already been suspended by the Labour Party.

Scotland Yard is also considering whether to launch a criminal probe.

The Scunthorpe MP said he is arranging a meeting with his local party association, but refused to confirm he will inform activists he is standing aside at the next general election.

"I will release a statement after I have spoken to them," he added.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that senior Tory MP Bill Cash claimed more than £15,000 of public money to pay the rent on his daughter's London flat.

The MP designated a west London flat owned by his daughter Laetitia as his "second home" for Commons allowances during 2004 and 2005 - even though he owned a home closer to Westminster.

Mr Cash, whose main home is a country house in Shropshire, said he did not live at his own Pimlico flat or rent it out at the time.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Miss Cash, who is hoping to become a Conservative MP, sold her flat for a £48,000 profit soon after her father stopped claiming money for it. She had owned her home for less than a year and a half, and for more than 12 months of that period her father had paid her £1,200 a month in rent from public funds.

Mr Cash, MP for Stone and a prominent Eurosceptic, then reportedly nominated two private members' clubs as his "second home" for three months.

Come on Blears you little runt, fill that phial! That's just me being gratuitous.

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