Sunday, May 24, 2009

Newcastle United

How good to see the fat lardy boys relegated.

I remember going up to Newcastle a few years back to find a half empty, dilapidated stadium where Manchester United fans nearly outnumbered Geordies.

The modern age, of televised football, had to hype a 'North East Giant', but what did they achieve? They gave us fat, whining 'footy' fans who sobbed when things went wrong. 3-0 at Wembley?

Went to watch United there again in about 2004 with me dad, and Geordies were still gobby bastards with no class. All piss and wind.

The first 'fans' I saw sobbing were Geordies in ninety-something. I saw Geordies sobbing today too, when they were relegated. If sport makes you wail, and show fat blubbery flesh, then you deserve to be relegated.

Sad, Geordie bastards, gone but never missed.

Well maybe by Sky TV!

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