Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That BNP Election Broadcast

European elections are essentially a wasted exercise in sham democracy, but it produces desperate attempts to jump on the gravy train. After all, five years as an MEP can make a person pretty well off for doing bugger all.

This year I was saddened that the BNP and UKIP should stoop to using images of Winston Churchill, a cheap shot in my view that smacks of desperation. But tonight's BNP election broadcast was something else.

The BNP really should get some basic history lessons. They showed war memorials in the UK claiming that the names were English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh, thus 'proving' that it was British people (not Johnny Foreigner) who saved us in the two world wars. What crap!

Yes the demography of the UK has changed and war memorials in Lancashire and elsewhere will represent the names that inhabited the UK in the first half of the last century. They do not represent the various nationalities and races that fought throughout Europe and the world from all corners of the Empire to preserve our, and their freedoms.

If anybody cares to visit war graves anywhere in Europe you will see the graves of people from Africa, the Indian Sub-continent, China and everywhere else the British flag flew at the time. Visit the Menin Gate Memorial in Ieper and see the names there that commemorate those who fell but have no known grave. The names are not only 'British', far from it.

What about the Gurkhas? Perhaps, according to BNP history books they don't count, or even exist.

I did't intend blogging tonight but their ignorance really pissed me off. Prats!


Anonymous said...

Absolutly true.. the nerve of the bbc letting those pricks show that lie was outragous. full of utter crap.

Gregg said...

Political freedom is one thing, but lies and utter crap, as you say, are another.

Thanks for that.

Citizen Stuart said...

It seemed to me that there were more pictures of Churchill in the broadcast than Nutty Nick. The BNP are a bit of a sick joke really, most of their publicity now seems to come from their enemies. And Fuhrer Nick seems desperate to get on the Euro gravy train now. What kind of party leader spends so much time and money trying to get an overpaid non-job on the Continent? And if he does get in, what will his poor lost sheep do without him?