Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Manchester Must Be Punished

Last year Manchester told Her Majesty's Government to bugger off, in a quite spectacular way too. They voted against the imposition of a congestion charge. The government were very pissed off not to say angry.

How dare people see that their arguments about the environment were crap.

How dare people see that their argument, that if Mancunians said 'No' the government would not fund the new metrolink to the airport, was blackmail.

How dare people see that it was just yet another tax on motorists.

So Mancunians are now being punished by being given the chance to have a voluntary ID card before anybody else in the country. Well thanks for nothing. It's time all Mancunians had their nails done so they look good when they wave two fingers, or a single middle finger, at the government yet again. Don't fall for it!!

And good luck to the airline pilots fighting against the sneaking in of governemnt ID cards.
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