Wednesday, May 20, 2009

August General Election?

It seems, according to the Times Online, that government Chief Whip Nick Brown let slip on Twitter that there will be a general election in August. The entry has now gone but The Times confirms that it did indeed appear then was removed.

Which goes to show that politicians should have their own version called, perhaps, Twatter!

Meanwhile if you follow this link you will see Hazel 'Snout in Trough' Blears, with her permanently plastered on patronising, smug, arrogant, false and puke inducing grin, claiming that all is well and that Gordon Brown actually loves her.

No Blears you lying little runt, I saw the press conference when Brown replied to a question about your expenses calling them "totally unacceptable". On yer bike you little misfit!


MikeP said...

She's gonna look pretty daft after June 4th when Labour get a beating and Brown has a re-shuffle.....................

Roll on August as well! (If that Twitter entry was correct!)

Gregg said...

I don't advocate violence but doesn't her face just invite a good smack?