Monday, May 04, 2009

Harman Begins Leadership Bid

'I don't want to be PM'
Says Harman.

Poor old Gordon must be feeling like the football manager who has just received the backing of the board.

But what role will there be for weasel-like runt of the litter Hazel Blears post-Gordon Brown? Hazel 'the weasel' Blears attacked senior figures in the Labour Party for failing to communicate properly. Then realising that she had communicated rather too honestly for a Labour politician she backtracked, claiming it wasn't a criticism of the leadership.

God help us if we end up with these two trying to run the country. And you thought things couldn't get any worse!!


MikeP said...

The only thing that terrifies me more than another 5 years of Brown after the next election, is 5 years of Harridan Harman.

Whatever happens at the top of the Labour Party now, I think New Labour are finished, but surely the British public wouldn't be daft enough to elect the PC-obsessed Harman as PM......would they?

Gregg said...

You never know Mike. The idiots elected Blair three times!!