Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Conservative Party Conference 2011

Yesterday was a fun day spent at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. I met my old pal Nikki Sinclaire at her hotel for a decent breakfast, then met up with the rest of her team to leaflet those attending the conference.

The first thing that strikes me when I go to Manchester for party conferences is what a mess they make of the place. It usually takes me just over an hour to get to Manchester, yesterday it was over two hours because of the number of roads closed for security. Yet there are more than adequate conference facilities in seaside towns sitting empty out of season. Another example of politicians not giving a toss about the mess they inflict on the rest of us.

If you don't know Nikki is the MEP who got over 100,000 signatures on her petition calling for a referendum on our membership of the European Union. No other politician in the UK got off their backsides to do that, the MEPs in the UK seem almost invisible these days as they cruise along making a fortune for themselves on the EU gravy train. At least Nikki got off her backside and worked hard to achieve the target.

But the day was rather good. Most Tories I spoke to were completely in agreement with our view of getting out of the EU and were extremely friendly. Even more heartening was how unpopular Dave is. Several of the delegates expressed the view that Dave is screwing the Tory Party and they wanted a true conservative leader. I don't know who they have in mind, but maybe they are on the verge of reasserting true conservatism in their party which would be welcomed by many who are currently feeling disenfranchised with no decent party of the right representing their views.

So Nikki achieved her aim and there will be a debate in Parliament about whether we will be allowed to have our say on membership of the European Union. My money is on MPs refusing us a referendum. They are terrified that the people will have their say and the gravy train will shudder to a halt. In my humble opinion there is more chance of the EU collapsing under it's own stinking mass of corruption and bureaucracy than politicians allowing us to decide our future. Let's face it, the nature of the beast is such that we are never likely to see a credible party fighting for our independence, so reality killing it off is our best bet.


Peter Metcalfe said...

Why don't you start a decent party with Nikki then?

Gregg said...

Does tha know Peter, I might just suggest that to t'lass!