Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Prisoner-Remake

I'm not much of a fan of remakes usually. Many TV series and films are of their time and even repeats, many years on, can be disappointing. Often when we look back at things with nostalgia, be it films, TV series or places, we are actually yearning for that time in our lives and the revisiting can be a cruel let down.

The Prisoner must be one of the most iconic TV series of the last century. Sadly it proved to be all too prophetic as we now see an ever more encroaching state controlling our lives and slowly eating away at our freedoms and liberties. The traditionalist in me wants them to leave The Prisoner alone and untouched, a memoral to the late, great Patrick McGoohan who sadly died in January this year. But part of me is happy that the remake may just open the eyes of a whole new audience of millions to the genius that is The Prisoner. Who knows it may also help to wake people up to what is happening all around us with the imposition of the police state.

So for a better idea as to what the remake will be like below is a seven minute trailer. If you want to know more about the oiginal Prisoner series please visit Six of One, The Prisoner Appreciation Society.


T Bishop Finger said...

Looks good. Better than that metrosexual, uber-liberal, monstrosity that is the 'new' Dr Who.

Gregg's Blog said...

Must admit, I'm looking forward to nseeing it, which is rare for me and re-makes.