Sunday, February 14, 2010

The BNP, Gordon Brown and Black Sunday

The police have had to erect anti-crush barriers outside today's special meeting of the BNP to hold back the crowds of black people desperate to be allowed to join the party (pictured left).

The meeting has been forced on the BNP by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, upset that so many ethnic minorites, desperate to join the far-right, racist party have until now been denied the privilege and honour because of a clause in the party's constitution. Soon we will be able to look forward to a Patel, Singh, Fu or even a Drogba leading the BNP.

Or can we? On a serious note doesn't this whole charade show the State and its quangos and henchmen up for the completely fatuous deadheads that many of us have known them to be for a long time?

Do the equal rights fascists really think that black people will be joining the BNP in droves once they are forced to accept ethnic minority members? Do they really think that ethnic minorities will be welcomed with open arms and encouraged to build stunning careers as BNP councillors or even the BNP's first ever MP?

No, this move is another fatuous gesture from a bunch of politically correct poseurs. I'd prefer the BNP to continue refusing membership to ethnic minorities, at least then it is even clearer to decent people that they are not a party that we should touch with a bargepole.

Then later tonight we have the unedifying prospect of watching the biggest prat on TV, Piers Morgan, interviewing the biggest prat in world politics, Gordon Brown. As if that isn't enough to make you turn over, or turn off, then the prospect of Gordon sobbing like a big girl on national TV (pictured left being comforted by Piers Morgan) will surely have you reaching for the remote, if not the sleeping pills and a bottle of whisky.

Whatever happened to the dignity of politicians, especially the office of Prime Minister? In my opinion Gordon Brown's appearance on TV tonight, like some teenage wannabe desperate for fame is demeaning, vulgar, ill advised and is far worse than even the actions of those politicians who have claimed the odd dodgy grand or two here or there in their already overblown expenses.

Another black Sunday under New Labour.

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Greg L-W. said...


so they deny a bunch of nasty racists free speech with which they destroy their own credibility as the descendants (should that be decadence?) of a BNP whose origins can be directly traced to the extremist funding of the anti Jewish Lady Birdwood and the White Supremacist Movement of America - tell me why public money was spent on this idiotic posturing by the excrecence Taylor and his thoroughly Racist CRE.

Then we have the vile spectacle of the gross economic illiterate Gordon Brown with far too much freedom of speech! His economic ability leads me to question how he knows he lost a child as all the indicators show he can barely count!

Perhaps he should be reminded why he was blocked from leadership by the liar and criminal Tony Blair - just think everyone agreed that Blair was a better bet than:

"The only other serious contender for the office of leader who had fundamental flaws of personality that precluded him from taking the office"

Can't count and has no memory - just how stupid is this guy!

Greg L-W.