Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ali Dizaei-A Politically Correct Icon Demolished

It was good to hear the news about Ali Dizaei, the London copper who was a right bastard but worshipped by the racist Black Police Officers Association, getting his comeuppance. Here is what was said about him:

Nick Hardwick, head of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which investigated the case, said that Dizaei was “a criminal in uniform” and “a bully”.

The problem with Dizaei was that he had become an icon of political correctness and always had black and race obsessed organisations on his side when he was in the shit. Dizaei played on this and seemd to think that his skin colour and ethnicity put him beyond the law. He even had his own website glorifying his career and 'activism'. Vainglorious prick. Ironically he has gone off to chokey for smacking his web designer and then faking evidence against him, sweet irony.

But even after all that, the politically correct racists are still at it:

But the NBPA (National Black Police Association), for which Dizaei was a vocal spokesman, expressed surprise at his conviction. Charles Crichlow, the president, said that it was “clearly an extremely difficult and traumatic period for Dr Dizaei and his family”.

Throughout his years of disciplinary problems the divisive loonies of the NBPA have used the old myth of 'racism' to defend him. Let's just hope he uses his time in chokey, slopping out a few times a day I hope, to ponder what damage politically correct prats like him and the NBPA have done to public-police relations.

Here is a superb piece about the scumbag from the Daily Mail.

Here is The Times coverage.

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