Thursday, February 04, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI versus Political Correctness

It's great to see the usual misfits kicking off against the visit, later this year, of Pope Benedict. Of course the main fury seems to be vented as ever by Peter Tatchell, the most sexuality obsessed tyrant figure in the UK.

Tatchell's attitude seems to be that anybody, or anything, that doesn't fall exactly into step with his views and outlook should be banned. I don't see why. For God's sake he even attacks the wrong sort of gays.

On the question of "equality" why should the Catholic church, or any other church, be forced to employ people it disagrees with on grounds of morality and conscience? It wouldn't change the view of a single person within that church, or the fundamental belief of that church.There would probably just be a nod and a wink about a particular candidate who would then be found "unsuitable for the post", especially if she had a huge beer belly and a week's stubble on "her" chin. But would Tatchell, for example, really want to work for the Catholic church anyway?

I was once challenged by a gay friend about the churches attitude to homosexuality. He claimed that it was wicked and promoted hatred and homophobia. I asked him if I, or any of my family, had ever treated him in that way. He sheepishly replied that no we hadn't. I then asked him if he actually wanted to become a Roman Catholic. He reponded that he was an atheist, so I suggested he stop worrying about the Catholic church and gets on with his life.

There is room for all beliefs in this country. Don't try and ban the visit of the Pope, just as I would never try to ban the Naional Secular Society or the British Humanist Association.

The politically correct seem to be becoming ever more intolerant and fascistic. Maybe they fear the end of New Labour. If that's the case I wouldn't worry, Cameron is probably much more PC than Gordon Brown.

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