Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger, Terry and Playing Away

What a sad sign of the times that Tiger Woods had to appear before the world's media grovelling and whining like a dog about to be put down. He makes a fortune from a game that should only really be played by middle aged businessmen licking the arses of their clients, then plays away from home in the trouser department. Big deal.

He should have been left to patch things up, or not, with Mrs Tiger then left to get on with his life. But in these puritanical days there has been a media obsession with the naughty lad that could only be eased by him appearing in sack cloth and ashes grovelling publicly to his wife, family and that bloke at 10 Acacia Avenue, Surbiton who he'd upset by having a sly shag or ten.

In the middle of the Tiger affair (sorry) the media turned its attention to former England captain John Terry. He shagged a French woman. As if that's not bad enough for an Englishman, an English football captain indeed, she was also the ex-girlfriend of a former teammate at Chelsea. Ex-girlfriend note. The only person who needed to know the ins and outs (sorry again) was Mrs Terry.

Now Mrs Terry, living in a mansion in Surrey with a hubby who earns over £100,000 a week was whisked off by said hubby to Dubai by way of an apology. Mrs Terry must be very understanding, and must love the extremely wealthy Mr Terry an awful lot, because she forgave him. And in a display of emotion she couldn't even hide from the press photographers she cuddled him by the pool of their £1000 a night hotel as a sign of genuine love and true forgiveness. The fact that she was probably a minimum wage checkout girl at Woolies Dagenham before they met is irrelevant.

What these incidents say is that the West really is in the shit when these two stories have been so prominent. The media are only giving the punters what they want and one radio station ran a poll, the result was that most listeners thought the John Terry story was more important than coverage of Afghanistan.

What was that saying about bread and circuses?

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