Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Those Loveable Scousers

It's nice to see even the police coming a cropper under the weight of stupid regulations being brought in by New Labour.

The arrest of a teenager in Liverpool for stealing a car, no surprise there then, could land police in court for illegally using an unmanned flying surveillance drone. But the police may have committed a criminal offence not having permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly its new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Officers used the UAV, which is equipped with thermal imaging cameras, to pursue two suspects travelling in a stolen car in Bootle in January. But they appear to have overlooked legislation brought in to address concerns about the safety implications of flying unmanned aircraft in built-up areas.

A spokesman said: "Since the force has known of the change in regulations, all UAV flights have been suspended and will remain so until the appropriate licence has been granted."

Shame the thing wasn't shot down, but it seems Scousers only shoot each other.

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