Friday, February 12, 2010

Homophobia and Football

I was unfortunate enough to catch the headline in the Independent this morning as I went out to buy my preferred morning newspaper, which is not the Independent or The Grauniad. The headline that caught my eye was "Football accused in homophobia row". Now I'm a football fanatic and take offence at being accused in this way by a rag like the Independent, because as a supporter I am certainly tarred with the Independent's brush (hope that's not seen as racist).

Isn't this the newspaper that takes pride in attacking people for blanket attacks such as 'the French smell of garlic' or 'old peope smell of wee' or 'Muslims are terrorists'. Making sweeping statements like that is wicked and to be discouraged, unless it is made by the politicaly correct against its enemies it seems.

So the truth is that the FA wants to make a video against homophobia but certain players and their agents said they didn't want to take part. Hence they are homophobic, indeed not just those who said 'no' but the whole of football, meaning Wayne Rooney, the women's football teams and little Tommy kicking a ball around in his under-9s team in the local park.

But why do they want to make a video against homophobia? Well, like the politically correct in all things they reach a conclusion, usually aimed at dividing and ruling, then set out to justify their conclusion. In the Independent piece they cite the case of Justin Fashanu as galloping homophobia in football. They claim that, as one of the first openly gay players, he was driven to suicide in 1998 by taunts and prejudice. Forgive me but he went to play and coach in the USA after his career here ended, not discriminated aganst there on grounds of sexuality. He committed suicide after allegations of sexual offences against a 17 year old boy in his care in the States. Tragedy yes, homophobia I doubt.

I am aware of more cases of footballers involved in domestic abuse than of players, or indeed fans, being involved in homophobic incidents. I am unaware though, of the FA making a video against that. I am also aware that the FA have somebody called Peter Clayton, who chairs the FA's Homophobia in Football advisory group and is the FA's only openly gay councillor. Homophobia didn't stop him getting on in football did it? I wonder who chairs the FA's Domestic Violence in Football advisory group?

I have heard that one senior Manchester United player is rumoured to be gay. There have been absolutely no taunts from the terraces and no sick comments in bars that I am aware of.

Contrast that with the treatment of John Terry for having an affair with a woman. He has received some vile abuse in games since his affair was exposed. I look forward to watching the FA's anti-heterophobia video soon.

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