Monday, October 11, 2010

Germaine Greer

If you ever doubted the insanity of loony wimmins' rights campaigner Germaine Greer, she has now proved herself to be totally and utterly stupid, idiotic and mentally unstable beyond any doubt.

She wants a website set up so that wimmin can publish the names of men they claim have raped them, so all the world can see. She claims that not enough men get found guilty of rape, so the sisterhood should take the law into their own hands.

I wonder how the first woman to enter the details on the website will feel when she gets sued? Or how the first woman will feel whose claim, rightly or wrongly, leads to a mob of the self-righteous ripping the accused apart? Or how the first woman whose accusation leads to a suicide will feel? What does Ms Greer propose to do about the malicious wimmin who make false accusations about a man for all the world to see?

After all the fuss last week about a teacher confirming that the education system is a shambles up pops Ms Greer to prove the point. A friend of mine has just waved his son off  to Warwick University, where Ms Greer spews forth her nonsense. I bet he wishes he'd chosen another university now.


MikeP said...

Scary, scary woman.

Germaine Greer and Harriet Harman. Two women who are too stupid or too arrogant or both to realise they've done more harm than good for women's rights.......

Anonymous said...

I assume you got your information on her from Wikipedia. She hasn't been working at Warwick University for about 4 years. Your final comment, therefore, is pretty redundant

Gregg said...

Mea culpa. Glad you don't dispute that she's a mad cow.

Not Wiki actually, I was working from an obviously out of date memory.