Thursday, October 28, 2010

European Union and the Poppy Appeal.

The European Union is worse than a bad idea, it is stinkingly corrupt, immoral and can never work. We in the UK have never given our consent to successive British governments handing over our right to self government, and it's time that the British people woke up and stood up for themselves instead of standing on the sidelines whining and whinging.

If you had any doubt that we have handed over our right to self government then look at the current EU budget discussions. I don't say negotiations because negotiations implies reaching agreement. With the EU budget we can discuss as much as we want, then we have to accept what they say whether we agree or not. Cameron is completely powerless.

If an alien body can snatch an extra £900,000,000 from our exchequer, without our agreement, then obviously our government has handed over power, our power, to that alien body. Or if you want to deny that, then you have to accept that the EU is nothing more than a highwayman or bank robber. If I helped myself to somebody else's £900,000,000 I'm pretty sure I would soon be eating porridge at Her Majesty's Pleasure. Especially if it was government cash, and I wasn't an MP or Lord!

Today the Royal British Legion launches its 2010 Poppy Appeal. What would all the old soldiers make of the state of our country today, powerless to even stop an alien body raiding our tax money. Because that's what they are doing, government money is your money, hard earned and handed over to government via the taxman. Our government is telling you to tighten your belts, cutting budgets for your services, reducing your benefits, raising the taxes you pay, then turning a blind eye to the EU doing what the Coalition accuses the previous Labour government of doing: squandering millions and millions of your hard earned cash.


e.f. bartlam said...

The whole thing is baffling to me.

I spent four years in Germany with the U.S. Army...I loved my time in Europe and the Europeans that I got to know. Most of my free time was spent in England...or London anyway. I made a lot British friends. In fact one of my better buddies is a nuckleheaded Cumbrian.

I say all that to say an obvious outsider, Britain, and especially England, in the EU makes about as much sense as trying to jam Mississippi and Massachusetts into the same "nation."

Good Luck.

Gregg said...

I see that, you see that but the big three parties over here don't want to.

The problem then is that people won't vote for other than the big three, because they want to get one or the other of the big two out of government and see voting for smaller parties as a wasted vote. A vicious circle.

Cumbria, I was born and raised in Manchester but now live 60 miles north on the border of Lancashire and Cumbria. Lovely scenery and 'interesting' people.

I've just ordered some candy corn on the recommendation of a compatriot of yours on Twitter. Look forward to trying it.

Best wishes


e.f. bartlam said...

Let me know if you can eat more than a handful at a time. They are good but they are solid corn-syrup. Like waxy fudge...but tasty.

Last Christmas I got a box of goodies from your neck of the woods..hard candies, mints, was good.

Gregg said...

I'll keep you posted.

Did you try Kendal Mint Cake? Your description sounds like it.

e.f. bartlam said...

I did get one of those, in a blue wrapper, and it was delicious.