Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Brother: Still Watching You!

From today's Mail Online:

Hugely controversial ‘Big Brother’ plans to store details of every internet click, email and telephone call that we make are being revived by the Coalition, it emerged last night.

Police, security services and other public bodies would be able to find out which websites a person had visited, and when, where and to whom a text or call was made.

Security officials insist that monitoring communications data is vital in the fight against terrorism and serious organised crime.

I was talking to a fellow history enthusiast yesterday about the sad demise of history teaching in our schools. Inevitably I suppose, the old quote from George Santayana came up: "If we do not learn from the mistakes of history, we are doomed to repeat them." Although I believe the original version was: "Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

The Coalition might do well to remember the above quote in its urge to be progressive. But the electorate might also do well to remember it, especially those who thought in May that voting Conservative or Lib Dem would make a jot of difference. The continued building of a police state in the UK shows that under this government little will change, the state will just creep over our lives at a slightly slower pace. It's always been like that with our current system of electing the big two, and a little bit of the other this time.

Big Brother Watch is well worth visiting on a regular basis if you value our freedoms and liberties.

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T Bishop Finger said...

too many Corporate interests, most of them probably Tory donors, in the Police State to close it down entirely. The Tories will only axe those parts Labour donors were going to cash in on, like ID Cards and DNA Databases