Monday, October 25, 2010

European Union Referendum Campaign

Probably the only politician actively campaigning among the populace at large on the European Union is Nikki Sinclaire MEP. I spoke to Nikki last night and got the distinct impression that she really phoned to gloat about being at Anfield yesterday to witness a rare Liverpool win. But, as FC United beat Barrow to reach the FA Cup 1st Round for the first time I didn't mind. There's a diabolical photo of her on her blog, taken yesterday at the game.

You may remember that Nikki was thown out of UKIP earlier this year for refusing to sit in the group of homophobes, racists and anti-Semites that form the EFD Group that UKIP MEPs are part of in Brussels. Another MEP I have a lot of respect for, Mike Nattrass, has also now left the group. As I have worked as campaign manager for both in UK parliamentary elections in the past, I am relieved that they have both shown such decency and principle by leaving the EFD Group.

Now sitting as an independent MEP Nikki is campaigning for a referendum on whether or not we should remain within the  EU. Mike Nattrass is supporting her campaign as is Tim Congdon, one of UKIP's leadership candidates. As an indepndent she has cross party support and I would urge you to visit her campaign website Campaign for a Referendum.

As well as cross party support the campaign is attracting some support from those wishing to remain in the EU. After all, before the election in May the Lib Dems were in favour of an in/out referendum. One way or the other a straight in/out referendum would finally put the question of Europe to rest.

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3 Cheers for The Petition Campaign for An EU Referendum
3 Cheers for The EU Referendum Campaign

Two VERY different Organisations both working closely together towards an EU Referendum.

Representing ALL Parties and both sides of the argument Out & IN to be covered by a Referendum to obtain a final answer.

For more details see:

Come and help!